Access to alternative niche strategies.

At Liberty Street, we search for outstanding asset managers who specialize in niche asset classes. Our asset managers are typically independent owner-investors whose strategies were not previously accessible in a mutual fund format. Unlike fund supermarkets, we are not interested in asset management shops that do a little bit of everything.

Instead, we look for experienced managers specializing in differentiated strategies. Not just any strategies, but strategies that are a good fit for today and tomorrow’s market environment. It is easy to find passive and actively managed funds that fit neatly into the style box. The funds we offer feature strategies that are not easily style boxed, and generally don’t correlate with traditional asset classes.

Liberty Street is extremely selective—not many managers or investment strategies pass our stringent review process. Those that do are subject to continuous review to make sure they meet the high standards we expect. We are always seeking new strategies to address additional allocation needs.

We work with the following sub-advisors:


Braddock Financial 

Braddock believes that asset-backed securities provide an opportunity to build and manage portfolios seeking attractive risk adjusted returns.

Chilton Capital Management     

Chilton’s Capital Management concentrates on the public REIT sector’s liquidity, transparency and potential for total return.

Robinson Capital      

Robinson Capital focuses on providing a competitive level of income in the municipal and corporate fixed income asset classes by investing in closed-end funds while also seeking to mitigate against certain market risks through the implementation of strategic hedges.

Securian Asset Management

Securian Asset Management believes that lower volatility tends to result in better returns over time, and that higher volatility makes adverse outcomes more likely.