Mutual Funds

Differentiated funds for adding diversification.

We’re always looking for asset managers who can meet the needs of tomorrow’s investors. Because many of those managers have strategies that previously were not easily accessible to investors, we help them broaden their availability through mutual funds. These funds bridge the gap between investors and independent asset managers, putting these strategies within reach of many more individuals. Our line-up features the following funds to help complement the existing asset allocation of investor’s portfolios:

Braddock Multi-Strategy Income Fund

Invests in mortgage, credit card, car loan and other asset backed securities designed to seek superior risk-adjust returns.

Robinson Opportunistic Income Fund

Invests in below-investment grade securities through closed end funds to achieve high, diversified consistent income streams.

Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund

Invests in investment grade municipal securities through closed end funds to achieve regular tax-free income.  

The Private Shares Fund

Invests in private late-stage venture-backed growth companies.

Securian AM Balanced Stabilization Fund

Invests in a balanced portfolio while using hedging techniques to target volatility of 10% or less over a full market cycle.  

Securian AM Equity Stabilization Fund

Invests in low volatility equities with hedging techniques to target volatility of 10% or less over a full market cycle.

Securian AM Real Asset Income Fund

Invests at least 80% of its net assets in real assets and securities of companies that derive at least 50% of their revenues from activities related to real assets.

West Loop Realty Fund

Invests in publicly traded diverse real estate investment trusts (REITs) for consistent income and strong total returns.

Most investors understand the need to have diversified portfolios and in order to achieve that goal you need access to a wide variety of strategies. However, niche strategies aren’t always easy to find or invest in. Many of these strategies may have not been made available previously with the accessibility of a mutual fund structure. 

Liberty Street attempts to address that problem by partnering with independent asset managers specializing in distinctive, and innovative emerging yet often overlooked asset classes. Our funds are a potentially strong match for investors and financial advisors because both Liberty Street and our sub-advisors share the same goal: helping investors create diversified portfolios with strong risk-adjusted returns.