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The Liberty Street Funds offer investors and financial advisors mutual funds sub-advised by independent boutique managers who possess expertise in their asset class. Because Liberty Street focuses on boutique managers, financial advisors can provide value-added strategies in actively managed, differentiated, value-added portfolios to their clients. Through its selective multi-manager family of funds, Liberty Street provides access to timely investment strategies. The Liberty Street Funds are advised by Liberty Street Advisors, Inc.

Featured Funds


Braddock Financial

Seeks to position portfolios for risk-adjusted returns with asset-backed securities

Chilton Capital Management

Seeks to generate income and capital appreciation with publicly traded REITs.

Robinson Capital

Seeks to capitalize on inefficiencies in closed-end funds.

Securian Asset Management

Seeks to maximize opportunities for risk-adjusted returns over the long term.

Featured Insights

Interval Funds: An Investor’s Guide

Interval Funds: An Investor’s Guide

Interval funds have gained traction among investors who believe that the stock market is approaching all time high valuations and attractive yields in the bond market are hard to find. Interval funds enable investors to gain exposure to equity and fixed income opportunities among non-public companies or other less traditional investments without the high minimums and strict qualifications of hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds.

The Private Shares Fund Reaches Milestone

The Private Shares Fund Reaches Milestone

NEW YORK, NY – June 16, 2021 – Liberty Street Advisors Inc. (“Liberty Street”) is proud to announce that, after assuming management responsibilities for The Private Shares Fund (the “Fund”) on December 9, 2020, the Fund has increased...