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Timely, value-added investment strategies.

In an industry full of duplicative strategies and funds, Liberty Street distinguishes itself by offering niche asset classes to independent-minded financial advisors and investors. We seek to identify independent asset managers who excel at managing strategies less trafficked by Wall Street. Our managers take the road less traveled in an effort to provide investors with multiple differentiated strategies designed to seek strong risk-adjusted returns.

At Liberty Street, we search for outstanding asset managers who specialize in niche asset classes. Our asset managers are typically independent owner-investors whose strategies were not previously accessible in a mutual fund format. Unlike fund supermarkets, we are not interested in asset management shops that do a little bit of everything.

Instead, we look for experienced managers specializing in differentiated strategies. Not just any strategies, but strategies that are a good fit for today and tomorrow’s market environment. It is easy to find passive and actively managed funds that fit neatly into the style box. The funds we offer feature strategies that are not easily style boxed, and generally don’t correlate with traditional asset classes.

Bramshill Multi-Strategy Income Fund

Invests in mortgage, credit card, car loan and other asset backed securities designed to seek superior risk-adjust returns.

Gramercy Emerging Markets Debt Fund

Invests in emerging market debt, including hard currency sovereign debt, local currency sovereign debt and hard currency corporate debt.

Robinson Opportunistic Income Fund

Invests in below-investment grade securities through closed end funds to achieve high, diversified consistent income streams.

Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund

Invests in investment grade municipal securities through closed end funds to achieve regular tax-free income.  

The Private Shares Fund

Invests in private late-stage venture-backed growth companies.

West Loop Realty Fund

Invests in publicly traded diverse real estate investment trusts (REITs) for consistent income and strong total returns.

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