Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund

Access a distinctive tax-advantaged income stream.

Investment Objective

The Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund seeks total return with an emphasis on providing income, a substantial portion of which will be exempt from federal income taxes.

Investment Management

Investment Manager

Liberty Street Advisors

Investment Sub-Advisor

Investment Commentary

Investment Focus

In an era of record low interest rates, municipal bonds offer the potential for consistent income and potential capital appreciation. The Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund accesses the municipal bond market through the medium of closed-end funds, which provide the potential to buy muni bonds at a discount to their net asset value.

If you’re an advisor seeking to generate additional income for your clients, the Robinson Tax Advantaged Income Fund offers a diversified muni bond portfolio with opportunities for capital appreciation and consistent income. Distinguishing itself through fundamental credit analysis and a focus on premium closed-end muni bond funds, the Fund seeks to offer consistent performance while seeking to mitigate against interest rate risk through the implementation of strategic hedges.

Managers and analysts at Robinson make extensive use of proprietary analytical tools to select closed-end funds, manage the portfolio and enforce a sell discipline. Avoiding volatility and minimizing risk are important components of the Fund’s approach. Specific components of Robinson’s investment process include:

  • Identifying and monetizing irrational discounts in closed end funds
  • Limiting interest rate risk exposure
  • Providing broad diversification by issuer, sector and geography

The Fund is managed by James C. Robinson, founder of Robinson Capital Management, LLC, the fund’s sub-advisor. Jim also oversees the day-to-day activities of Robinson Capital Management, which he founded in 2012.

Fund Highlights


Opportunity for investors to pursue a competitive level of income that is largely exempt from federal income tax.

Credit Quality

The Fund invests primarily in investment grade municipal bonds.



Managed duration may provide a hedge against rising interest rates.

Visible Alpha

The Fund seeks to purchase closed-end funds with a discount to net asset value, which potentially delivers a meaningful additional source of returns.

Fund Facts

Inception date


Asset Category

US Fund Muni National Long


Bloomberg Barclays Short-Intermediate 1-10 Years Municipal Bond Index

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Institutional Class


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